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Teaching Assistant

Reference: OCT20210759
Expiry date: 09:00, 01 November 2021
Location: Nottinghamshire
Salary: £18,562.00 - £18,933.00 Pro Rata
Benefits: Pension, Healthcare and CPD
Attachments: TeachingAsistantJobPack.pdf

Job Description for Grade 2 Teaching Assistant.

Purpose of the role

Provide teaching support across the school and implement interventions

Specific Responsibilities

Provide teaching support to allocated pupils by delivering learning activities with the class teacher and interventions to maximise attainment through:

  • working under the guidance of teaching staff to implement agreed work, programmes of learning with individuals/groups, in or out of the classroom.  This could include those requiring detailed and specialist knowledge in particular areas and will involve assisting the teacher in the whole planning cycle and the management/preparation of resources
  • identifying clear learning objectives and determining how they will be supported and assessed
  • assisting in the setting of tasks which challenge pupils and ensure high levels of interest
  • setting and maintaining appropriate and demanding expectations
  • having an awareness of end of year attainment targets and expectations, building on prior attainment
  • provide clear structures for lesson support: maintaining pace, motivation and challenge
  • making effective use of formative assessment and providing feedback to pupils in relation to progress and achievement under guidance of the teacher
  • ensuring effective support and best use of all the school day, including unstructured times
  • monitor and intervene during learning time to ensure amazing learning and discipline is the norm
  • during interventions use a variety of supporting methods to: match approach delivery to content, structure information, present key knowledge/ ideas and using appropriate vocabulary consistently
  • use effective questioning and listen carefully to pupils, give attention to errors and misconceptions
  • ensure effective support so that pupils acquire and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to the subject taught
  • preparing, maintaining and using equipment/resources required to meet the lesson plans/relevant learning activity and assist pupils in their use
  • establish a supportive relationship with the teaching staff, children and parents
  • undertaking activities with either individuals or groups of children to support their physical, emotional and educational development
  • assisting with the development and implementation of Individual Education/Behaviour Plans and Personal Care programmes
  • evaluate their own support methodology critically to improve effectiveness
  • promote good behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents in line with school’s policy and encourage pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • assist with the supervision of pupils out of lesson times, such as at lunchtime and break times
  • accompany teaching staff and pupils on visits, trips and out of school activities as required and take responsibility for a group under the supervision of the teacher
  • assist in the administration and supervise of end of assessments

 Other professional requirements for all teaching assistants – to:

  • have a working knowledge of teaching assistants’ professional duties and legal liabilities
  • carry out safeguarding responsibilities at all times
  • operate at all times within the stated policies and practices of the school
  • establish effective working relationships with all staff within the school
  • be a positive role model to all pupils and parents through their presentation, personal and professional conduct and the way they conduct themselves in and out of school
  • be aware of confidential issues linked to home/pupil/teacher/school work and to keep confidences as appropriate
  • endeavour to give every child the opportunity to reach their potential and meet high expectations
  • contribute to displays in class rooms, corridors and the wider community, that maintain a high standard of presentation
  • contribute to the life of the school through effective participation in meetings, events and management systems necessary to coordinate the management of the school and take the school forward in its journey to be amazing
  • take responsibility for their own professional development and duties in relation to school policies and practices
  • liaise effectively with all stakeholders
  • take on any additional responsibilities which might from time to time be determined