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Cultural Heritage Preservation Lead

Reference: JUN20233173
Expiry date: 2023-07-21 17:30:00.000
Location: South Kensington
Salary: £35,039 Per Annum
Benefits: Group Personal Pension, Life Assurance Scheme, and other great benefits
Duration:1 Year (Maternity Cover)
Attachments: CulturalPreservationLeadMaternityCoverJD_June2023.docx

The V&A is committed to bringing together those with a shared interest in protecting cultural heritage, working together by sharing information, inspiring and supporting action and raising public awareness. The Culture in Crisis programme is the international embodiment of this statement and operates under a museum-approved strategy to deliver this. The Cultural Heritage Preservation Lead will be responsible for both delivering the CiC programme in line with the strategy and for ensuring that our own disaster plans are maintained and updated. The Cultural Heritage Preservation Lead will also seek to demonstrate the value of working in this way nationally and internationally, encouraging others to engage more holistically in the preservation of cultural heritage.   

The Cultural Heritage Preservation Lead is dedicated to protecting and preserving Cultural Heritage globally.

In addition, they will use their experience to aid in the protection the V&A’s own collections and assets from loss or damage during an incident or disaster, through leadership of Emergency Planning and Crisis Management processes at the museum.

To lead the V&A’s international cultural heritage preservation initiatives manifested through the museum’s ‘Culture in Crisis’ (CiC) Programme. The role includes arranging conferences and events, strategy development and project delivery, as well as developing supplementary programming to compliment the initiatives (namely through the ‘Culture in Crisis Series’). The role will also require the continued development (and ongoing maintenance) of an international network of related peers and associated institutions, working in heritage preservation, who will actively contribute to and draw from the programme.

To develop, maintain and implement business continuity and disaster recovery strategies and solutions, including risk assessments, emergency response procedures, priority salvage, business continuity and disaster recovery procedures.

To plan, conduct, and debrief regular mock-disaster exercises to test the adequacy of existing plans and strategies, updating procedures and plans regularly. Provide support for Gold or Silver Commanders before and following a disruption event.

Closing date for all applications is 21 July at 23:59.