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V&A East Residency

Reference: APR20219687
Expiry date: 17:00, 09 May 2021
Location: South Kensington
Salary: Competitive
Benefits: Build your profile, through exposure of your work through the V&A's online channels and connection with the growing V&A East brand. Be part of a dynamic community of V&A East collaborators, partners and fellow residents and researchers.
Attachments: VAEastGoogleresidency_April2021_v2.pdf

We are looking for a collective to run a series of online content experiments with our new audiences at V&A East. This three-month residency, supported by Google Arts and Culture, aims to uncover what kinds of digital content about the world of art, design and performance our audiences most want.

To apply, please submit an application form (in attachment) and CVs of all your team in a PDF format to eastproject@vam.ac.uk by 5.00 p.m. on Sunday 9 May 2021.