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Experienced Bartender - Sky Garden

Reference: AUG20219441
Expiry date: 17:30, 21 September 2021
Location: London
Salary: £9.00 - £13.00 Per Hour
Benefits: plus Excellent Benefits

The art of the perfect serve is a skill often underappreciated.

The term “Bartender” has such broad parameters. A pint of Guinness and a balanced Mojito are two very different drinks to prepare and the term mixologist has almost become as tainted as the word hipster.

However, regardless of your level of knowledge, a bartender’s responsibility is to create a unique guest experience; one tailored to the moment and individual. Whether it’s the pink gin crowd or the Negroni bandwagoners – it’s a bartender’s challenge to create that memorable moment…

But it certainly helps when you have the views from Sky Garden as the backdrop!

Darwin Brasserie at Sky Garden are looking for experienced bartenders with an excellent knowledge of classic cocktails, to provide dispense on our restaurant's bar - where their personality and communicative skills can enrich the experience of their mixology.

 What you get…

  • Amazing training opportunities, management development program, apprenticeship scheme, WSET etc
  • 40% discount across all our restaurants
  • Paid meal allowance
  • £300 refer a friend bonus.
  • Cross exposure to some of the most exclusive events in London and beyond!

If your knowledge of Mixology and Classic cocktails is lacking, but you have the enthusiasm and people skills to add value to our team, we have opportunities for you to learn and develop these skills with us as part of our Bars team – so apply now!


Experienced Bartender at Sky Garden

From £9 to £13 per hour depending on experience.